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University of Portland

Interactive Floor Map: Main Floor

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Study Rooms

Study rooms (L to R) 104-107. Reserve study rooms on the library's web site, or through your mobile device.

104: With Appreciation Ann Scheuring '58
105: With Appreciation TODD Construction, Inc.

Interactive Seating

This space has a monitor, with hookups for your device, that you can see from a large half-circle couch. The back of the couch has chairs with a small desk for even more people to gather around.
Toward the windows from this space, you'll find tablet chairs and high-backed couches.

Work Tables

Work tables have electrical outlets in the center; just lift the panel to access them.

Soft Seats

High-backed couches direct sound for quiet conversations.

In Memory of Kirsi Marie Corrado

Reference Books

Style guides, dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc. Clark Library has many more as eBooks available online.

In Memory of Eugene Snyder

Work Tables

Work tables have electrical outlets in the center; just lift the panel to access them.

With Appreciation Summer Chien

Work Tables

Collaborative space.


B/W and Color printers and photocopiers/scanners. Add money to Papercut accounts here.


Fifty workstations with monitors on adjustable arms to facilitate collaboration. Assistance available at the nearby Service Desk.

E. L. Wiegand Learning Lab

Service Desk

(L to R) Research Assistance, Computer Assistance, and Checkout desks in one convenient location.

Soft Seats

Tablet chairs, high-backed couches, and "womb chairs" make this a great area in which to relax.

Saint John's Bible

The Clark Library is proud to exhibit a Heritage Edition of the Saint John's Bible. The display changes regularly. Learn more on the library's blog:

With Appreciation Allen and Kathy Lund and Family

Book Return

A convenient place for you to return materials at any hour.