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Undergraduate Survey: Service Usefulness

We asked you to rate the usefulness of various library services: librarian orientations, student and librarian reference assistance, instant messaging, subject guides, etc. Reference librarian assistance takes first place, followed by the library page in PilotsUP.

Nearly a third (32.1%) of you haven't used our Instant Messaging service. You might know it as Library Chat. And a quarter (25.4%) don't use RefWorks. Learn more about RefWorks on our FAQ page.

We asked faculty and graduate students to rate the usefulness of our services; see their responses:
Faculty | Off-Campus Graduates | On-Campus Graduates

Overall scores, sorted by "Very Useful + Somewhat Useful":
Very Useful + Somewhat Useful
Definitely Not Useful + Somewhat Not Useful
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Reference librarian assistance
Library page in PilotsUP
Subject guides 61.5% 5.1%
Librarian orientations and instruction 59.8% 10.7%
Reference student assistance 55.3% 9.7%
RefWorks 48.9% 8.8%
Instant Messaging 38.8% 12.6%
Tutorials and handouts 45.4% 11.5%
Library Toolbar 37.7% 11.1%
Assignment Calculator 21.7% 14.9%


We welcome further input. Please email with your comments and suggestions.