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Undergraduate Survey: Satisfaction with Services

Corroborating findings from previous library surveys, you are generally very satisfied with our services. We will send any comments about the computers and printing to Information Services, who handles these services.

We asked faculty and graduate students about their satisfaction with our services; see their responses:
Faculty | Off-Campus Graduates | On-Campus Graduates

Overall scores, excluding people responding "N/A," sorted by "Very or Somewhat Satisfied":
Very or Somewhat Satisfied
Very or Somewhat Dissatisfied
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Helpfulness of library staff 89.8% 1.5%
Expertise of library staff 85.6% 2.4%
Electronic off-campus access 85.1% 4.0%
Library website 84.8% 2.8%
Interlibrary loan 81.8% 4.5%
Printing in the library 79.0% 7.9%
Summit borrowing 78.6% 4.9%
Multimedia lab 70.7% 7.4%
Media viewing and listening stations 66.4% 6.5%
Availability of library computers 55.7% 18.8%


We welcome further input. Please email with your comments and suggestions.