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Faculty Survey: Service Usefulness

We asked you to rate the usefulness of various library services: librarian reference assistance, instant messaging, subject guides, etc. Reference librarian assistance received the largest number of "Very Useful" responses.

Many of you don't use the Library Toolbar, RefWorks, and Instant Messaging; you might want to learn more about them. The Library Toolbar connects you to library resources from any webpage; RefWorks can be very helpful in organizing and formatting citations; and our Instant Messaging service connects you to the library's reference desk during all our open hours. If you would like us to develop different tutorials and handouts, let us know !

We asked students similar questions about the usefulness of services; see their responses:
Undergraduates | Off-Campus Graduates | On-Campus Graduates

Overall scores, sorted by "Very Useful + Somewhat Useful":
Very Useful + Somewhat Useful
Definitely Not Useful + Somewhat Not Useful
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Reference librarian assistance
Subject guides 55.0% 12.2%
Library Toolbar 50.0% 13.2%
Tutorials and handouts 45.2% 21.5%
RefWorks 34.3% 16.9%
Instant Messaging 23.3% 31.1%


We welcome further input. Please email with your comments and suggestions.