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Faculty Survey: Decision on Where to Publish

When looking for a place to publish, you consider the journal's reputation most important, followed by its publisher; you'd like the publishing process to be fairly quick and easy. Retaining copyright is at least somewhat important for over half of you, but about one-quarter are neutral on the subject. See the bar charts for details.

Overall scores, sorted by percent responding "Very or Somewhat Important":
Very or Somewhat Important
Very or Somewhat Unimportant
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Journal reputation 92.0% 4.0%
Published by scholarly society, association, or non-profit publisher 83.0% 5.8%
Timeliness of publication process 69.4% 12.1%
Ease of submission process 64.1% 13.0%
Retaining copyright 55.7% 18.4%
Lack of page or other publication charges 51.7% 20.9%
Journal available online 47.1% 25.9%
UP library subscribes 26.3% 50.9%


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