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Faculty Survey: Contribution to Faculty Accomplishments

How much of a contribution does the library make to your accomplishments in various areas? According to your responses, it is an important part of your academic life. If you'd like to learn more about our support for "creating multi-format assignments," see our Multimedia Lab page.

Overall scores, sorted by "Major + Somewhat Major":
Major + Somewhat Major
Minor + Somewhat Minor
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Finding information in related fields or new areas 78.3% 7.2%
Keeping current in your field
Being a more productive researcher 75.1% 4.4%
Making more efficient use of your time 74.3% 5.0%
Meeting objectives of UP Core Skills and Values 46.6% 22.5%
Creating multi-format assignments 33.0% 28.5%


We welcome further input. Please email with your comments and suggestions.